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iHurt Gm Application

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iHurt Gm Application

Post by buddestkenzi on Mon Jan 11, 2010 8:24 pm

iHurt GM Application

Name: Lily Ngov
Age: 16
IGN: iHurt
Sex: Female
Can You Make Video?:
Can You Code:
Yes, I am able to code. Although I'm not experience as other people, I can code a little and willing to learn more if needed. I can code certain npc and make shops. I am also able to code some commands for Maplestory.
Got Exp?:
Yes, I do have experience. I was a gm for SmileyMs and used to be an owner of my very own server, StarStory. These servers had about 100 people (wasn't very big but I think I have the potential as the community increases and is willing to face every obstacle that comes in my way, no matter how easy or how hard it can be, I believe I can do it. I am ready to drain all hackers out of this server as fast as a speeding torpedo. I am willing to put effort in helping this community. If someone needs help, I will be there.
Can You Custom Wz:
No, I can't custom Wz files. I am willing to learn and willing to spend my time to learn how to make custom Wz. I already know the basic of custom Wz but I don't consider myself ready.
Can You Get More Players?:
Of course I am able to get more players. I would risk my character in every server to advertise and get banned. What I love most is more people in this server. I also ensure myself that voting is mandatory and I vote everyday to increase our place on the top list. My goal as a player is to help this server become a more fun and active community.
How Long you Been Playing Maple: I've been playing Maplestory for about 4 years and 2 years in private servers. I was always addicted to Maplestory.
How Long Have You Been A GM: I have been a gm for about almost 2 years.
Where Have You Been A GM: I've been a GM in SmileyMS and StarStory.
Are You Loyal: yes
What Your proof: I follow directions well. If someone ever told me to keep a secret, I would. If someone told me to do something, I would work as hard to get it done, unless it is harming one another.
Are You A GFX: No
About You: I am from California. I am Chinese/Cambodian. I love working with technology and playing around. I might also consider myself a shopaholic because I love shopping.
Are You Active: Yes, for whatever reason, I'm always on the computer, except for the weekends because I have to help my parents at work.
Got Msn?: Yes
Got Aim?: No
How Long Have You Been Playing (Don't Lie We Can Check): Ive been playing for about 4 weeks now.
How Active Are You On The Forum: I haven't been on the forum much because it was just created but I will try to check the forum when I have the time.
Anything Else?(Optional): My MSN is I'm usually on, except for weekends because I'm just weird like that.

Qualities I have in becoming a GM:

* Patience-I'm very patient and patience is very important, only because without patience, you wont have the time to assist others.
* Courage- I think I have enough courage to help keep SnowMs active and fun.
* Persistance- This is what I think is one of the major factors of being a GM. If you persist in everything you do and if you give up, then no one will think you are a good leader. I have this quality because I think I'm a good role model to all SnowMs players.
* LeaderShip- I'm always a role model to all the beginners so they can be welcomed and believe in staying here at SnowMs.



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