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Dan's GM app

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Dan's GM app

Post by Dan on Sat Jan 09, 2010 8:58 am

IGN: iDan
Sex (Male,Female):Male..

Can You Make Video?: Sure,why not? 0_0

Can You Code:Ye,well not a pro coder but still...

Got Exp?:Ye...a big exp Razz u'll see...

Can You Custom Wz:Ye...i can if you need prof just ask...

Can You Get More Players?:Sure,well...not that much but i can vote 4x in day...(mobile internet) :/

How Long you Been Playing Maple:Since i was 10 years old so...5 years...

How Long Have You Been A GM: For 1 year as v62 and 7months as v75

Where Have You Been A GM:NintendoMS,BooMS,NotOdinMS,WaterMS,TwitterStory

Are You Loyal:Ye...i mean if i realy like the server and cummunity then ye...

What Your

Are You A GFX:Not sure...

About You:Friendly,helpfull...lot of time next to pc like 7-6 hours per day...athletic...uhm idk...

Are You Active:7-6 hours per day xD

Got Msn?:no....

Got Aim?: Ye

How Long Have You Been Playing (Don't Lie We Can Check):On you server? uhm just started xD

How Active Are You On The Forum:Idk today is first day...

Anything Else?(Optional):I dont think so Very Happy


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Re: Dan's GM app

Post by Alex on Sun Jan 10, 2010 6:49 am

Umm ALittle To Short

Want A Sig Ask Me Very Happy


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