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Subject: TwoBeats's GM Application Description: Wanting to be GM

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Subject: TwoBeats's GM Application Description: Wanting to be GM

Post by Phil2855 on Sat Jan 09, 2010 6:35 am

TwoBeats's GM Application
Name: Brett Mewett
Age: Currently 14 years old - not far from 15!
IGN: TwoBeats
Sex (Male,Female): Male
Answer as Yes or No, If Yes please explain at least 20 words or 3 sentences.
Can You Make Video?: Yes ; although it may not be of best quality. Mainly to advertise (Y)
Can You Code?: No
Got Exp?: No
Can You Custom Wz?:No
Can You Get More Players?: Yes, I like to advertise using videos on youtube. :] - If the server is good enough. I also refer people from other games ; and I've introduced real life friends too!
Answer in 1-2 sentences. More is optional.
How Long you Been Playing Maple?: I have been playing Maple for a total of 3 years. Off and on - but I always come back ! Mainly on private servers ; I did however get a character a few levels away from 40. (Bad but I can't handle the 1x EXP!
How Long Have You Been A GM?: I haven't been a GM for long, one of the servers were private. The one I did become a GM on did happen to close down ; and with my luck; didn't become entirely popular. Razz
Where Have You Been A GM?: The server that was public was called 'TuMS'
Answer in 1 Word w/ " * " Answer in sentence with " ** "
Are You Loyal?: *Yes
What Your proof?: **Once I find a server that suits my needs ; I will dedicate myself to it. I am a very trustworthy person ; which is loyal in itself when people come back to me!
Are You A GFX?: *No
About You: **I live in Australia (GMT+10) and currently reside in QLD. I don't move much anymore but have been to 3 states. My name is Brett + I am 14 years old. I am a pacifist - so I will never attack somebody.
Are You Active?: ** I am an extremely active person ; however work will subsidize the times I am on.
Got MSN?: *Yes
Got AIM?: *No
How Long Have You Been Playing? (Don't Lie We Can Check): ** I haven't started as such ; but have been told that the server is good and I will definetely be giving it a go.
How Active Are You On The Forum?: **Not active as yet ; but when I get good ideas, the forum is the first place I go!
Anything Else?(Optional): *No

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Re: Subject: TwoBeats's GM Application Description: Wanting to be GM

Post by Alex on Sun Jan 10, 2010 6:50 am

Not Bad

Want A Sig Ask Me Very Happy


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