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SnowPoint Trading/FAQ/List <Changed>

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SnowPoint Trading/FAQ/List <Changed>

Post by iBtch on Wed Jan 06, 2010 10:34 pm

What is SnowPoint (SP)?
It is a System for forum, to be used for trading them into cool prize in-game.

How do we trade?
You simply PM iBtch on forum to get prizes.
Trading/List Rules:
•Over-Abusing will cause Negative (-) SP
•Do not spam,brag, or DROP any of the Special made item.
No refunds, when used/drops/rollback
SnowPoint Trading Shop:
80 Snow Point - 46~78 AP (ONLY ONCE EVERY TWO WEEKS!)
100 Snow Point - Free 4 Rebirth (NO STATS) OR 40~184 AP (ONLY ONCE EVERY THREE WEEKS)
246 Snow Point - 2 Presents
297Snow Point - 5 Present (Limited time offer, Ends on 1-12-10)
364 Snow Point - Group Creation (Limited Offer, only 5 more)
448 Snow Point - Special Rank Title
584 Snow Point - SP Group (Gets 1-2 SnowPoint every week!)
700 Snow Point - Inter. Snowpoint Trading Shop? (It is 2~10 SnowPoint Cheaper with more stuff+Bonus)

Inter. SnowPoint Trading Shop
69 Snow Point - 50~88 AP (ONLY ONCE EVERY TWO WEEKS)
89 Snow Point - 3 Rebirth + 20 AP or 70~200 AP (ONCE EVERY THREE WEEKS)
128 Snow Point - 2 Present + 10 AP
198 Snow Point - 4 Present + 30 AP (Limited Time Offer, Ends on 1-20-10)
297 Snow Point - Group Creation (Limited Offer, only 5 more)
384 Snow Point - Special Rank Title
1000 Snow Point - Pro Item SnowPoint Trading Shop

Pro Item SnowPoint Trading Shop

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