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Fantasy's GM Application

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Fantasy's GM Application

Post by FantasyDragonXD on Tue Jan 05, 2010 9:42 pm

Name:Benjamin Au
Age: 13
IGN: Fantasy
Sex (Male,Female):male

Can You Make Video?: No
Can You Code: no but i can learn
Got Exp?: yes in maplestory but not GM
Can You Custom Wz:no but i can learn
Can You Get More Players?:yes i advised my brothers to play,i ask my friends to play,People from Bankai story to play, I ask people from online games to play. So far i ask about 7- 10 ppl to play SnowMs

How Long you Been Playing Maple: i played maple for about 2 years. i started private servers about half a year ago.
How Long Have You Been A GM:never (but im planing to)
Where Have You Been A GM:never

Are You Loyal:of course
What Your proof: I give back item if i took it by accident i am honest
Are You A GFX: no
About You: im nice,I have alot of freinds at school and friends in computer games , im hoping to make more friend, i can make things fun, i like reading mangas, i like music, i like drawing and playin games i am playful and i cheer people up easly
Are You Active:Yes i am on a swimming team, i go snowboarding, i play basketball, and i was on a baseball team in 5th grade i got 7:13 on my time for running a mile.
Got Msn?: yes but i go on much
Got Aim?: yes its FantasyDragonXD you can add me if u want
How Long Have You Been Playing (Don't Lie We Can Check):i been playin Snowms for about 2 week, somewhere near winter.
How Active Are You On The Forum: sometime i go on forum i got about once or twice a week
Anything Else?(Optional): Thx for reading


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