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Henson's Gm app

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Henson's Gm app

Post by cscx on Sat Apr 24, 2010 3:56 pm

GM Application for cscx
Name: henson
Age: 13
IGN: cscx
Sex (Male,Female):male

Can You Make Video?: no
Can You Code: nope i can try to code Very Happy
Got Exp?: no
Can You Custom Wz: no
Can You Get More Players?: i think ya

How Long you Been Playing Maple: 4 or 3 days
How Long Have You Been A GM:not that long
Where Have You Been A GM:Blekms

Are You Loyal: yesh
What Your proof: i help people when it is needed What a Face
Are You A GFX: no
About You:i am 13 i live in Californa
Are You Active: yesh
Got Msn?: nope
Got Aim?: nope
How Long Have You Been Playing (Don't Lie We Can Check): 3-4days
How Active Are You On The Forum: i go on it every day
Anything Else?(Optional): i dont get mad alot i am nice and loyal if people need help i will do my duty to help them what ever it is. I will try to make this server funnier so people would join and make events some times and tell them to vote everyday to get more players in our server i vote everyday.I dont lie i am honest to everyone.I dont like hackers beacuse they ruin the game for other people so if theres a hacker i wil do my duty to ban them lol! i hope everyone will get a chance to be gm if i dont be gm i hope they do


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Re: Henson's Gm app

Post by JustinBtch on Mon Apr 26, 2010 10:59 pm

seems ok

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