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Patricks Mod App :p

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Patricks Mod App :p

Post by Patrick on Mon Apr 19, 2010 2:48 pm

Well Hey Alex Im applying for Mod becuase im in forums more than webiste and ive been moderater on many others sites so i know wht im doing.

Name:Patrick Berger
Ign: Patrick
Time: +1 MT
Contact: Lol u have my msn anyways.
How long on forum? : 10hours a day on weekends weekdays like 5-6 even if i have HW im always on forums unless i wanna listen to music on xat.
How Long on Game? :Well lately ive been lvling my Evan but and since you came alex ive not been on tht much to help out or host events but im usually on like 4-5 hours unless im on GMS
Do you apply to rules when given? Yes, Why not


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