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iPhoKingAzn Moderator Application

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iPhoKingAzn Moderator Application

Post by iPhoKingAzn on Wed Jan 13, 2010 10:56 am

Rules are applied.
1. No Spamming/Double Posting
2. Deleting/Edit/Locking without Alex OR iBtch Permission is immediately demoted.
3. The Person who selects moderators are Alex OR iBtch, Not Anyone Else

Name: Kenneth Nguyen
Ign: iPhoKingAzn
Time: -8 GMT
Contact: OR
How long on forum? : I am active on the forums as much as possible. Pretty much 24/7
How Long on Game? : I play the game whenever my homework or schoolwork is done. I play the game at least all day on weekends
Do you apply to rules when given? Yes. But if you really want to know, see how I follow rules in the game, not on the forums.

Additional Information:
-I am on the forums the most, I believe, and I see lots of topics in the wrong area that should be moved or locked from excess spam.
-Some topics like the ban appeal format should be for commentary on the actual topic and not a chat box like Xat.
-Although you may see me screwing around with the players (not that way get your head out of the gutter) I tend to take my work and task-at-hand quite seriously.


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Re: iPhoKingAzn Moderator Application

Post by SoHow on Thu Jan 14, 2010 11:34 am

Good luck Smile

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