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Sup all bout DumbDumb :]

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Sup all bout DumbDumb :]

Post by dragonwiz91 on Tue Jan 12, 2010 6:36 am

Hi Names Brandon,
Just started about a week ago

Ign : DumbDumb Cool Name huh :]
Don't lie either you guys know you want this name :]
I was thinking of my sis. when i decided to choose this name lol!

I originally started playing Gms. but that got boring took atleast an hr. to lv
I don't have all day lol... So i quit for a while then my cousin got me into all these ps.
now I'm Sticking wif them.. :]

Location : U.S.A - Cali.

Hobbies include Swimming,Playing sports, listening to music,And Video Games
obviously. :]
I Play Xbox360 - Fallen X Dragon is my gamer name... I changed my gamer tag now its ===== Ak47 Shad0w.
i also play PS3 x_Fallenx_ is my gamer name

Add me if you want Very Happy

~ « §ÌL£ÑT ¤ KîLL£®️

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Re: Sup all bout DumbDumb :]

Post by Beep on Wed Jan 13, 2010 1:40 am

Hi Brandon


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